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Tyre Load Index

Today we focus on the Tyre Load Index – what it is and why it is important? This article will present key information about the tyre load capacity and risks resulting from using improperly selected tyres.

Tire Speed Index

If you are not very confident in automotive matters, and you are about to change the tires in your car, we have something for you - a portion of useful information about the tire speed index - what it is and why it is important? Read our article and learn about the risks generated by wrongly selected tires.

Tire aspect ratio

Much can be learned by checking the information written on a tire's wall. The sidewall itself, however, can already tell you a lot about the tire’s performance. Its height, or aspect ratio, influences the looks and the performance of the whole vehicle.

Retread tires

Retreaded tires are used tires that receive a new tread and a whole new life with it. The process, called "recapping", is not only cheaper than manufacturing a new tire, but also more environment-friendly.

How long can you drive on a spare tire?

How far can you drive on a spare tire? Short answer – it depends. Long answer – from just a few dozen miles to another tire’s lifetime. In general, there are three types of spare tires to talk about: space-savers, full-sized spares and run-flat tires.

New or used tires?

Have you ever heard the expression “where the rubber meets the road”? Tires and brakes join forces to safely stop your car. The problem is that tires can be expensive, but are used tires safe enough to use?

How to check tire pressure?

It is neither the tire itself nor the rim that carries the load of the vehicle, driver, passengers and any load – it is the compressed air that is responsible for getting the job done. Pressure has to be checked regularly.

UTQG Rating - Uniform Tire Quality Grade

The Uniform Tire Quality Grade, abbreviated UTQG, was designed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the Department of Transportation to help customers make their choice when they search for new tires.

What is hydroplaning?

For a vehicle to hydroplane, it must have a certain speed, tires must be wide enough and there must be standing water on the road. If all tires hydroplane, the car turns into a sled, may dangerously rotate, which may result in an accident.

How to read tire sizes?

There are a few standards of writing the tire size, but you will probably only need one, maybe two, if you are using a light truck. These are the metric size and the inch standard called the high flotation system.

Tire rotation

Tire rotation is the service during which mechanics dismount rims with tires on them, carefully check the wear and mount the whole set in a different configuration. It is highly recommended to rotate your tires every 3,000 to 6,000 miles (5,000 to 10,000 km).

White wall tires

White-colored walls of passenger car and motorcycle tires are today considered stylish with their retro appearance. They boast a rich history that continues today, as they were commonly fitted to cars from the beginning of the 20th century up to the 1970’s.

Tire date code

You can determine when a tire was produced by checking the Tire Identification Number (or TIN), also usually called the DOT code, on the sidewall. The four-digit code indicates the week and the year of production.

What are low profile tires?

Stylish and sporty to some, vulnerable and reducing comfort of ride to others – low profile tires constantly prove to be difficult to judge. Do they have any practical features? Actually, they do –...

Nitrogen in tires

Some people fill their tires with almost pure nitrogen instead of air. Nitrogen has low reactivity, while oxygen and water vapor in the air may corrode your rims and valves from the inside.

How to check tire tread depth?

Car tires, while impressively durable, will not last forever. You can check the depth yourself - it is easier to do it professionally than you might think. In car part shops you can purchase a...

The best place to buy tires

It is commonly assumed that the best place to buy tires is at the local dealer just around the corner - but you can also do it online and enjoy a larger selection of products, better price matching and the comfort of your own chair.

When to replace tires?

To ensure safe journey, manufacturers develop new rubber compounds to make sure that their tires last longer and are more durable, and design various tread patterns so that the vehicle, with all its passengers and load, stays on the road and turns as intended.

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