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x XL (Extra Load)

Each tire has a designated load index, depending on tire size. Load index has to comply with the rules of European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation. Reinforced tires feature higher load index than standard products. Therefore, these tires are compatible with directives requiring higher load index.

x Run-Flat

Run-Flat tires are rigid enough to allow driving even after puncture and loss of pressure. The distance you are able to drive on a flat tire is approximately 50 miles (80 km), not exceeding the speed of 50 mph - enough to reach the nearest service.

Run flat Tires

Run-Flat tires Construction of run-flat tires

RunFlat tires make it possible to continue the journey with complete pressure loss. Driving on punctured RunFlat tires is possible for a distance of 50 miles and with speed not exceeding 50 mph. It is possible to drive further on RunFlat tires because their sidewalls are reinforced. This ensures the tire holds its shape. Thanks to that, reaching the nearest auto service without the necessity to change the wheel on the road, which often has to be done at night or in bad weather, is not an issue. With RunFlat tires installed there is also no need to carry spare tires.

Most popular summer RunFlat tires

Most popular winter RunFlat tires

RunFlat - meaning and classification

First RunFlat tires appeared just before the start of the WW2. Initially, they were used in military vehicles – tires that were shot did not immobilize the vehicle. Intense work on RunFlat technology was continued after all war activities ceased. The first car originally equipped with such tires was the Porsche 959. Later on, RunFlat tires were widely used in Chevrolet Corvette. Currently, this technology is often used by, among others, BMW company.

RunFlat tires require operational pressure sensors in the wheels to make sure the driver is alarmed when tire loses pressure. It is possible to drive around on depressurized tires for weeks without realizing the tire is punctured and holding its weight only on reinforced sidewalls. The car itself has to be adapted to use RunFlat tires. Such cars generally has specially designed suspension (softer than standard in BMW, for instance) and synchronized electronic systems such as ABS or Electronic Stability Control. Due to this it is not recommended to mount regular tires on cars designed to use RunFlat.

Tires of this type have to installed only in professional auto service equipped with tire fitting machines designed to mount RunFlat tires. Installing RunFlats with a standard tire fitting machine may result in damaging the tire. Improperly mounted tire may also blow out during driving and result in a tragic accident.

RunFlat tires provide the highest degree of safety. After puncture there is no risk of losing control over the vehicle during high-speed driving. Such tires are installed on higher class cars with powerful engines. Cars of this type move along freeways at higher speeds. In such conditions having RunFlat tires may be useful as it considerably improves safety. Many sporty, powerful cars have also very little space in the trunk to store spare tires, which makes it necessary to use RunFlat tires. Such tires are also characterized by a better mechanical damage resistance that may result from driving over a pothole or hitting a curb.

Among disadvantages of RunFlat tires we can mention: slightly higher price than standard tires, worse comfort (more rigid tire does not damp shocks as effectively) and the lack of possibility to repair some models of this type. Despite some drawbacks, RunFlat tires are considered to be an excellent solution that considerably improves safety and comfort (no fear of sudden punctures, the hassle of changing the tire). There several ways of marking a RunFlat tire, depending on the manufacturer: DSST – Dunlop, EMT – Goodyear, HRFS – Hankook, PAX – Michelin, RFT – Bridgestone, SSRF – Pirelli, SSR – Continental, TRF – Toyo, XRP – Kumho, ZP – Michelin, ZPS – Yokohama. In the rich offer of our store we have RunFlat tires made for various cars. Everyone will find a product that suits his needs. Enjoy your shopping!