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x XL (Extra Load)

Each tire has a designated load index, depending on tire size. Load index has to comply with the rules of European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation. Reinforced tires feature higher load index than standard products. Therefore, these tires are compatible with directives requiring higher load index.

x Run-Flat

Run-Flat tires are rigid enough to allow driving even after puncture and loss of pressure. The distance you are able to drive on a flat tire is approximately 50 miles (80 km), not exceeding the speed of 50 mph - enough to reach the nearest service.

Cheap tires

cheap tires Cheap tires usually belong
to the budget class.

All drivers look for inexpensive tires that will feature excellent quality and ensure safety to a high degree. Cheap tires can be used in the whole variety of vehicles and weather. There are cheap passenger car tires, 4x4 and light truck tires, as well as cheap summer, winter and all-season tires.

Most popular summer tires

Most popular winter tires

Cheap tires - meaning and classification

The notion "cheap tires" can be understood in several ways. The first meaning refers to "budget class" tires, also referred to as the "economy class". These tires are manufactured for a selected group of drivers. Cheap tires that belong to the budget class are designed especially for those city-drivers who keep their annual mileage low. Vehicle type and driving style are just as important. It is better to use budget class tires in cars with weaker engines. In powerful sporty vehicles such tires may not provide sufficient grip, high-powered cars may slide as they start moving. Driving style is equally relevant. Dynamic and aggressive driving style combined with the use of tires with mediocre grip and low stiffness of their sidewalls will have a significant impact on the vehicle's behavior in turning. Improper match of tires to the vehicle may be dangerous for the driver, the passengers, other cars and people in the vicinity. Car response gets unpredictable and regaining control in a sudden crisis may prove impossible. Drivers preferring a dynamic driving style, with more powerful cars and those driving often and covering large distances are recommended to use medium- or premium-class tires.

Ironically, cheap tires can also mean midrange or premium-class tires. How come such tires can be seen sold at budget-class prices? Higher-classed cheap tires usually are available in larger Internet stores, where high sales volume makes it profitable to sell tires at attractive prices. Such sellers offer cheap midrange or premium-class tires on a regular basis. Comfort is also the key to success. Tires can be purchased quickly and without the necessity to leave home. Midrange and especially premium-class tires are manufactured with the most advanced production methods available that use the latest rubber compounds available. Such tires are recommended for owners of high-powered cars whose driving style is more dynamic or who yearly cover large distances.

The notion of cheap tires is also commonly associated with used tires. It is worth noting that purchasing cheap, used tires may be both unprofitable and risky. These tires almost always come from an unknown source and the average driver will not be able to tell the actual quality of tires he is looking at. Such tires may have been dismounted from a car wrecked in an accident. Good-looking tire, with tread still deep, may conceal severe internal damage that will come to the light during driving. It will not be obvious at first whether the tire operated under recommended pressure and was properly stored or not. Used tires with hidden flaws may be extremely dangerous and can blow out when used.
Many cheap tires come from Asia. It is recommended to purchase such tires with caution and only from authorized sellers. There are those excellent Asian brands available on the market that acquired all necessary certifications and will not fail their owners. Such tires are manufactured with technology standards of the largest corporations and undergo rigorous and detailed quality testing. On the other hand, Asian tires that have uncertain origins may be dangerous. While these will definitely be the cheapest tires available, they may have even arrived illegaly through smuggling and fail to pass rigorous US, Canadian or European tests that allow them to be legally used.